The name, description, short_name, and title fields are user-translated fields and have a dynamic type depending on the query. See translations.

GET /api/v2/websites/website/(int: id)/


A website object, see below for an example.

Status Codes:


  "categories": [
  "created": "2014-11-18T14:13:12",
  "description": {
    "en-US": "Example site description"
  "icons": {
    "64": "",
    "128": "",
    "48": "",
    "32": ""
  "id": 42,
  "mobile_url": null,
  "name": {
    "en-US": "Example site name"
 "promo_imgs": {
     "320": "",
     "640": "",
  "short_name": {
    "en-US": "Example"
  "title": {
    "en-US": "Example site title"
  "tv_url": null,
  "url": "http://example.url/"

Fields on the response:

  • categories (array) – An array of strings representing the slugs of the categories the app belongs to.
  • created (string) – The date the app was added to the Marketplace, in ISO 8601 format.
  • description (string|object) – The site’s description.
  • icons (object) – An object containing information about the site icons. The keys represent icon sizes, the values the corresponding URLs.
  • id (int) – The site ID.
  • mobile_url (string|null) – The site’s mobile-specific URL, if it exists.
  • promo_imgs (object) – An object containing information about site promo images. The keys represent image sizes, the values the corresponding URLs.
  • tv_url (string|null) – The site’s TV-specific URL, if it exists.
  • name (string|object) – The site’s name, as used on its detail page in Marketplace.
  • short_name (string|object) – A shorter representation of the site’s name, to be used in the listing pages in Marketplace.
  • title (string|object) – The site’s title, extracted from the site’s <title> element. Used internally to improve search results.
  • url (string) – The site’s URL.

Website Submission


Authentication and the ‘Websites:Submit’ permission are required.

POST /api/v2/websites/website/submit/


  'canonical_url': '',
  'categories': ['lifestyle', 'music'],
  'detected_icon': '',
  'description': 'We cannot tell you what a Bro is. But bros know.',
  'keywords': ['social networking', 'Gilfoyle', 'Silicon Valley'],
  'name': 'Bro',
  'preferred_regions': ['us', 'ca', 'fr'],
  'public_credit': False,
  'url': '',
  'why_relevant': 'Ummm...bro. You know.',
  'works_well': 3
  • canonical_url (string) – the canonical URL to the website, if one can be detected.
  • categories (array) – slugs of categories to which the website belongs.
  • detected_icon (string) – the URL to an icon for the website.
  • description (string) – a description of the website.
  • keywords (array) – website keywords
  • name (string) – the name of the website
  • preferred_regions (array) – the regions in which the website is specifically relevant.
  • public_credit (boolean) – whether or not the user wants public credit for submitting the website.
  • url (string) – the url of the website
  • why_relevant (string) – why the submitters believes the website belongs in Marketplace.
  • works_well (integer) – how well the website works, on a scale of 1 (poorly) to 5 (very well).


Status Codes: